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Knoc And Associates - Service - Audit And Assurance


Taxation is one of the key aspect of our operations.Pools of professionals are manning a whole department to undertake are compliance and other tax related requirements of our Clients.

Among these are: Filing Annual Returns, obtaining Tax, Clearance Certificates etc.
The tax department of KNOC AND ASSOCIATES is centered on five key areas:
- Personal Income Tax
- Tax Planning and Advisory
- Tax Audit
- Indirect Taxes, VAT, Customs and Excise duties.

Business Risk / Due Diligence

We also carry out business risk assessment and compliance review as part of our core activity.Our key focus in our approach is to find out everything with accuracy and looking out for what we are not told.

Audit And Assurance

We are of the professional opinion that facts exist behind financial Statements and it is our professional duty to unravel these facts to assure users of the financial statements of its credibility and reliability.

Secretarial Services

We offer wide range of secretarial services in the areas of

- Company Registrations

- Filing of Statutory Returns with the Registrar Generals Department

- Helping Clients to keep statutory records and updating them.

Training And Development

KNOC AND ASSOCIATES has the capacity of offering training and development to clients in the areas of ;

- Pension Funds Fund Management and Monitoring

- Tax computation

- Staff Development

Stock Taking

Our office has qualified personnel who have specific in taking stock of clients.

In the year 2008, Ghana adopted the International Financial Reporting Standards, IFRS, hence KNOC AND ASSOCIATES assists its clientèle base in their day to day records keeping and reporting in accordance with the IFRS.

we assist clients with;
- Cash flow planning
- Investment Advisory
- Working Capital Management
- Business Planning and Operational Manuals
- Corporate Finance
- Business Set-ups